Technology for creating DLC-pellicle

The main components of the production system

Characteristics of DLC

The Laet company has introduced  own innovations in the field of plasma deposition of diamond pellicle in a single vacuum cycle with predetermined properties. The technology of synthesis of carbon diamond like pellicle by plasma-chemical method with HF - assisting.

To form a conductive pellicle is produced doping ​​it of metal directly into the growth process. To achieve stabilization of electrical parameters of pellicle entered the operation of etching the surface of the pellicle followed by annealing the structure at 400 ° C in a vacuum. Manufacturability of the process of obtaining and unique combination of properties of doped

DLC pellicle is of great practical importance, in particular, to create a high-precision electronic hardware component with high power dissipation.

DLC-doped pellicle are specifically relevant to the needs of electronics and electrical properties, such as:

- low value of TCS from 10-6 -10-4 K-1;

- a wide range of resistivity from 10-4 to 109 ohm*cm;

- High resistance to extra-large current densities, more than 106 A/cm2;

- high radiation resistance;

- high uniformity thermal stability and low noise.

The scientific article about the Laet’s DLC-coatings  "TECHNOLOGY FOR DOPED DIAMOND-LIKE PELLICLE"

The main components of the production system:


- vacuum equipment for the synthesis of APP;

- magnetron for metal;

- laser equipment;

- control and test equipment.

We are ready to produce deposition of diamond-like coatings on an industrial scale on their own modernized equipment.

Characteristics of DLC

Chemical properties


carbon, hydrogen


A mixture of sp3 (tetragonal diamond type crystal lattice) and sp2 (trigon graphite type) with an amorphous carbon


Inert to acids, alkalis, solvents, salts, water and other reagents at ambient temperature

Physical properties


1.8-2.1 g/cm3

Thermal conductivity

10 V/cm*K

Thermal expansion coefficient

9 × 10-6/°C

The electrical resista

a few MОм × см

Dielectric constant

some 4-11


>5000 PA per square inch (peel force)


Impermeable to hydrogen and other gases

Optical properties

The optical transparency

In the range from near to far infrared

Index of refraction

1.85 - 2.0

The layer thickness

Depends on the wavelength. For example, for the wavelength 6.10 micron, thick layer is 1.4 micron

The surface roughness

Depending of the substrate


Not measured

Other properties

The deposition temperature

250°C about

Operating Temperature

 -60°C до +400°C

Range biocompatibility  

Not destroy the cells, no inflammatory action

Strength characteristics

Good adhesion with substrate surface, resistance to abrasion and harsh mechanical shock, high humidity, the impact of high and low temperatures, the thermal shock, to the pairs of salt to solutions of salts to dissolve in water and deposition of atmospheric moisture, dust and sand, the resistance some acids, resistance to oils and diesel fuel standards: MIL-C-675C, MIL-STD-810

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