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Diamond-like pellicle

Diamond-like pellicle (DLC) were first obtained in the U.S. by plasma-chemical vapor deposition of carbon.

The structure of diamond-like DLC-pellicle These pellicle exhibit a unique combination of physicochemical and mechanical properties close to diamond, which determined wide prospects of practical application of DLC pellicle, in particular as multifunctional coatings. The high content of carbon with diamond links in the presence of graphite-like bonds, leads to the unique characteristics of diamond-like coatings, such as:

  • high hardness
  • low friction coefficient
  • high endurance
  • chemical inertness
  • biocompatibility
  • transparency in the infrared spectrum
  • ecological purity

The use of diamond pellicle as wear-resistant coatings.

Higher listed properties of the pellicle proved to be excellent in many industries, in particular metal for cutting tools with DLC coatings on taps, milling cutters, drills, knives guillotine for molds and dies.

The service life of products at the same time increases from 5 to 20 times.

The greatest effect is achieved in the processing of copper, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass, as well as critical parts of machines and mechanisms operating in conditions of high friction and wear of moving, rotating parts and assemblies, bearings, guides, exciting parts conveyors, hydraulic cylinders, pistons, moving, rotating parts and assemblies, bearings.

Is known the use of DLC coatings to improve durability of car parts.

Hyundai Elantra-Avante 2011

Thus, the company Hyundai has released a new range of cars using parts coated with the DLC - the engine and car glass.

Diamond-like coatings have very high abrasive wear resistance, superior to other types of coatings is almost 50 times. DLC coatings are especially important to protect the surface of the thermal imagers, night vision systems, and luxury watch brands.

Citizen , Japan, covering of the shellThis coating attaches clock cases an unprecedented scratch resistance. Diamond-like coating is applied to titanium or steel surface (1700 HV).

Еcological purity and biocompatibility of DLC-coatings.

Due to these properties, diamond-like DLC coatings have found wide application for wear-resistant coatings and ecologically clean containers in the food industry. This use is known in the dairy industry, where the surface contamination of utensils for milk is a common and continuing problem.

Modification of the dish surface through the use of surface coating changes the surface properties of the material, and is the solution to reduce pollution. On a typical dairy plant was applied deposition of doped diamond-like carbon DLC films on the surface of stainless steel. These modified surfaces were examined for contamination by contact with the milk in the laboratory and pilot scales. Studies have shown the advantages of such coatings in reducing pollution in comparison with the surface of stainless steel.


Diamond-like coatings are also used in medicine for the protection that is compatible with living tissues covering prostheses, heart valves, contact lenses. The application of DLS pellicle for medical scalpels ensures quality improvement process tool cuts smoothly, without tearing the surface treatment of high quality.

The use of DLC coatings in electronics.

However, the most meaningful application of diamond pellicle in the field of electronics. Due to physico-mechanical and chemical properties of diamond-like coatings are of interest in terms of creating on their basis a variety of devices requiring the use of wide band gap semiconductors with high mobility and low coefficient of thermal expansion, including high-electronics, high power microwave devices and micro electromechanical systems. Manufacturability of the process of obtaining and unique combination of properties of doped DLC films is of great practical importance, in particular, to create a high-precision electronic hardware components with high power dissipation.

Doped DLC pellicle are specifically important for the needs of electronics and electrical properties, such as:

-          low value TCR from 10-6 -10-4 К-1;

-          a wide range of resistivity from 10-4 to 109 Ohm*cm

-          High resistance to extra large current densities, more than 106 A/cm2;

-           High radiation resistance;

-          high-uniformity, thermal stability and low noise.

The Laet company carries out the synthesis doped diamond pellicle with nanostructure developed by our own technology, which is the know-how of the company and receives diamond coatings in a wide range of temperatures on various materials: metals, ceramics, glass, plastic materials. We are ready to produce deposition of diamond coatings on an industrial scale on their own modernized equipment.

Laet resistors

Resistor PA6The Laet company has developed a new class of resistors based on the APP. They used as a substrate ceramic Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4. For resistors with a given accuracy using a laser fit.

To absolute advantages of high-power Laet resistors  include:

- low material capacity;

- high thermal resistive pellicle (no less than 5000 C);

- high stability over time;

- resistance to very high currents (from 106 A/cm2)

- opportunity to receive high-power resistors with low TCR (no less 2*10-5 –   10 -4 K-1)

- the absence of reactive resistance;

- a small size (for ex. 16x31x3,8 mm);

- wide range of operating temperature (from 500 to 2600 C);

-  the breakdown voltage over 2000 V

These properties allow to get a new generation of resistors that can dissipate 300 watts at size 16x31x3,8 mm and continue to operate at temperatures up to 2600C.

These resistors have no analogues in world practice for made a passive electronics elements.

New technological solutions Laet based on the  DLC-pellicle.

Currently, there are new technological solutions Laet implemented as prototypes:

 - Heaters for running water.

- Autonomous heating system with auto climate.

- Water maker sea water and groundwater.

- Heat  probe to remove oncology fragments of human.

Laser operation

Laser equipment quickly penetrating into all areas of industry. Already a laser - is an excellent tool for cutting, hardening, welding, engraving, marking, the synthesis of various materials.

Engineering, construction, furniture, advertising, souvenir industry, jewelry industry, and medicine - is not an exhaustive list of areas where it is used or can be used laser.

Here's an effective illustration of examples of how laser technology can be used and what the results may get a consumer.

  • laser marking, which is used in both industrial and civilian sectors for register symbols, trademarks, logos, bar - codes, etc. of products, including:
  • engraving text, logos on metals (steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, bronze, gold, silver, alloys, chrome coating, matt and painted surfaces);
  • laser tuning cars - engraving of leather interior, drawing the logo on the metal parts of cars, wheels, mirrors, sills, moldings, letters, and pins opportunity to engrave on a circular and a longitudinal part forms - pipes, rolling, special equipment;
  •  technical marking of electrical and electronic components;
  • opportunity to engrave pictures (images) from photographs of customer with while maintaining on the color contrasts on colored or not colored plexiglass or glass  with lights inside the diode (the size of 1000 mm x1000 mm) other materials - decorative engraving on wood, plywood, plexiglass, mirror, etc. - Design of signs and storefronts.
  • engraving of on the skin - belts, jackets, shoes, etc.
  • design showcases and stained glass (size 1000 mm x 1000 mm)
  • engraved on the marble and stone - souvenirs, plates with portraits;
  • laser welding of miniature products from different materials, gold, silver  jewelry, repair products  of antiques, etc.;
  • laser cutting of metals on the patterns of any complexity (computer engineering drawing required);
  • engraving on the surface of the rings of precious metal, the outer and inner surfaces.

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