Peculiarities of the resistors

- Low consumption of materials;

- High thermal resistive film (at least 2600C);

- High stability over time;

- Resistance to very high currents (up to 106 cm 2);

- The possibility of obtaining high-power resistor (300 W) with low TCR (less than 2 X 10-5 K-1);

- Lack of reactance; -small size (ex. 16x31x3,  8 mm);

- A wide range of operating temperatures (from -500 to 2600C)

- Breakdown voltage over 2000 V

- No effects of aging.

Our resistors work at much higher temperatures than other analogues



(competitor’s sample)


(our sample)

Breakdown voltage

1000 V

<2000 V


2 P nom

2 P nom

Temperature range

-55 to +200 oC

-30 to +285 oC

Rated power fall begins at

30 oC

70 oC

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