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      Dear businessmen!

      Good idea for a business incubating for a long time. If you want to try your force in the sphere of material production and profitable and worth to invest, the company Laet can help you with this.

      By creating a business based on Laet you create the possibility of actual implementation of the best innovative business projects.

     Laet has a fairly extensive experience in the manufacture of electronic components, laser equipment, has a qualified graduate staff. On the basis of laser equipment Laet ™ were launched and successfully operate in the manufacturing companies of Israel, Turkey and Ukraine.

     The company has the possibility of setting the production in your territory on the basis of laser equipment produced by divers "forkey" with the transfer of management software and "know-how" and further training your staff.

     We suggest investors to consider projects to create a unique medical tool.
     We suggest investors consider creating a unique project for the heater running water and an autonomous heating system.

     Laet Company invites you to participate in investing in the construction of the plant for the production of microelectronic components: resistors, heaters, wiring boards.

     Terms of cooperation. Creation joint venture in the form of joint-stock company with equity participation of the Investor or any other company in the legal form on a contractual basis with the project is carried out either Investor. Project management is the joint staff or shareholders, orattracted by the Company Management.

In Ukraine no analogues in the field of productionsuch as Laetcompany .

   Due to lack of competition, commercial benefits from participation in this business can be almost unlimited!

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The Laet company has developed an effective  desalination of sea water, the principle of operation is based on the principle of turning sea water into steam, which in an evaporator and injection systems used by the original ...

23 - 25 May 2012 in Moscow, Russia Exhibition Centre Ltd. "Metrological Centre RUSNANO" held the 8th Moscow International Forum "Precise measurements - the basis of quality and security» (, in which ...

The Laet company produces new brake resistors in the form of radiator assembly capacity of 500W with an impedance 2 ohms with the air blowing. Unit weight 2.5 kg. Radiator assembly can be used in electric transport, in particular, ...

The Laet company produces new radiator assembly with resistors capacity of 500W with an operating voltage of 2 kV and a breakdown voltage of 5 kV. Radiator assembly used in the substation power companies. ...

Компания ЛАЭТ производит  новые высоковольтные резисторы с рабочим напряжением до 20 Вт с рабочим напряжением до 10 кВ . ...

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