Engraved rings and other jewelry

       We offer you the service for applying ommemorative inscriptions on jeweler and other expensive gifts from the metal – engagement rings, bracelets, mobile phones, pens and  more.                                                                               

After engraving your gift will be original.  Before you do it cherished the inscription, it was just a ring, which hundreds of  jewelry  in each cabin, after the  engraving  jewelry  has become a unique symbol that holds  something deeply personal, meaningful only to you and the person who is present. This may be the date of your acquaintance,  phrase or word that is meaningful, understandable only to you both, the  inscription with the wishes of either the image of protective amulets, this can be  ornate saying in Latin, which you have chosen  your theme.

     Laser engraved inscription can be made on the outer and the inner surface of a wedding ring  or bracelet, on the surface of the metal part of a mobile phone or pen. The engravings of two kinds: in-depth, when the cut marks themselves, and relief, when the remove extra layers of material between the signs.

     Price for the service engraver of precious metals varies depending on the equipment fulfill your order and the length of  sentences. The inscription of 2-3 words engraved on the inside of the ring, on average, will cost from 30 to 50 cu  (per ring), depending on the complexity of the font (pattern) and will take 3-4 days.

We offer you a few phrases in Latin, which can be engraved on the memorial gifts:

A die – from this day

А solis ortu usque ad occasum - From sunrise to sunset

Absque omni exceptione - Without any doubt

Ab imo pectore - With complete sincerity

Ab hinc - from now on

Ad infinitum – indefinitely

Ad finem saeculorum - Before the end of time

Ad futuram memoriam - On the long memory

Ad manum – under hand

Ad memorandum- For the memory

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