diamond-like carbon, DLC cover

Topic diamond / diamond-like DLC-pellicle are widely Comments in academic circles, these pellicles are used in various fields of engineering and technology. Thus, the Russian website Neftegaz.ru published TOP100 most popular scientific developments http://popnano.ru/science/index.php?task=view&id=175 where the topic was among the top five.

DLC - coating, which is an innovative technology development of the Laet company possess traditional for such coatings properties similar to those of diamond, which determines their practical application as multifunctional coatings.

The Laet company carries out the synthes is  doped diamond pellicle with nanostructure developed by our own technology, which is the know-how of the company and receives diamond coatings in a wide range of temperatures on various materials: metals, ceramics, glass, plastic materials. We are ready to produce deposition of diamond-like coatings on an industrial scale on their own modernized equipment.

Due to the physic-chemical and chemical properties of these pellicle Laet company produces a range of precision electronic components: resistors, chip resistors, sensors. Thanks to the nanostructure diamond -like, it is able to pass currents of over 1 million A / cm2 and has a wide temperature range - from the air to the 4000C 8000 C in a vacuum. The Laet company manufactures heaters  DLC-based pellicle in different directions - from household heaters running water to the local micro-heating elements, used in medicine, sensors and sensor.

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