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Treatment of materials:

The application of diamond-like on the cutting tool.

Due to the low coefficient of friction, cutter is not stuck in the metal and the high strength of the coating protects the surface that extends the time  of the instrument to a few dozen times.

In the photo are models of  knives, Cricket and Beetle. Knives were used for the demonstration at the exhibition

Knives Rockstead with coating DLC. Cover DLC (diamond-like coating) – it is a diamond-like coating, that are a thin film of carbon black, a thickness of 3 mm and a hardness is 1800 HV.

The coating is applied on the surface of the blade, including the cutting edge after his full  thermo-mechanical processing. The coating has wonderful properties. The chemically inert.

Has a good anti-friction properties. Addition, DLC is very decorative. However, the main purpose of coverage - to provide unprecedented quality of the cutting blade, due to high hardness. DLC coating has the unique durability.

In machine building it is used for high-critical parts.

Coating technology require the use of modern and expensive equipment. None of the knife, made on classic technology is not able to compete with ROCKSTEAD, which can be used for serious work for years without  any  undermine. These knives are able to "shred" a thick rope, cut the bamboo and dry after this particularly easy to cut paper!


  • Application on the DLC-coating  and  foundry  mold for a significant increase in service life.                                          

  • Application diamond-like DLC reflective coatings with a high strength on the parts made ​​of silicon, germanium and zinc selenite

  • Improving persistence of tooling

Economy is obvious: declining the amount  tool  regrinding, increases hardware utilization, improve the quality of treatment, the tool cuts smoothly, without  tearing the surface treatment of high-quality.

All this allows to save operational costs in terms of medium and large-scale production. Our coatings reduce your expenses. So the knives and cutting inserts with a special coating, after regrinding preserve the effectiveness of the work, as in the first deposition. The service life of these blades is enormous.

 Surfaces are resistant to abrasion and chemical  deterioration. Due to the small coating thickness (0.5-5 mkm), the tool does not require any additional costs for installation and equipment changeovers.

In addition, we are able to apply coatings with very low friction coefficient, which certainly help you save energy and improve the quality of products.

  • DLC coatings for wearproof coatings and ecologically clean vessels in the food industry                                                

Such use is known in the milk industry, where the surface contamination of utensils for milk is a common and continuing problem.

Modification of the dish surface through the use of surface coating changes the surface properties of the material, and is a solution to reduce pollution.

On a typical milk factory was applied precipitation of doped diamond-like carbon DLC films on the surface of stainless steel.

These modified surfaces were considered for their contamination by contact with the milk in the laboratory and experimental scales.

Research has shown the advantages of using such coatings in reducing pollution in comparison with the surface of stainless steel. Source:

  • Diamond-like coatings in medicine for the  protection  that is compatible with living tissues covering  prostheses,  heart valves, contact lenses.  Application  DLC films for medical scalpels  for  improving the quality of treatment-tool cuts smoothly, without  tearing  the surface treatment of high quality. Diamond-like coatings are also used in medicine for the protection that is compatible with living tissues covering prostheses, heart valves, contact lenses.

  • Improve endurance for the farm equipment (plows,  harrows,  etc.)

A new coating for the plow tractors will reduce energy consumption
Left: experimental DLC-coating after the tests in the initial (in the top) and modified versions. Right:  coulter plows with such a coating.(Photo Fraunhofer IWM.)   experimental DLC-coating after the tests in the initial (in the top) and modified versions. Right:  coulter plows with such a coating.(Photo Fraunhofer IWM.)

 Every year the German farmers burned during the "Battle of the harvest," about a billion liters of fuel. And half of it is spent not on the works themselves, and to overcome the resistance of the soil in contact with her ​​plow or harrow.

Experts Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials (Fraunhofer IWM) took to help the villagers, bringing modern technology into the ancient profession of a plowman. Project participants RemBob have created a wrapper for shells on the basis of diamond-like carbon (DLC). Thanks to the tractors  pulling  plows,  harrows and cultivators, can "shrink" in size, or not work at full capacity. The soil also becomes less dense, which will benefit the crops.

Another advantage of the technology is to improve the endurance farm equipment. The teeth harrows for the season losing about half its weight, and no high-quality steel alloys or traditional ways of protecting the metal is almost not help, said one of the engineers involved in the project, Martin Hörner.

 DLC-coated well maintains the pressure of the earth. The only problem is the rapid deformation of the steel substrate and the cracking of guns, even though the heavy-duty shell. Therefore, researchers are thinking about how to change the steel in the win, or glass reinforced plastic.Prepared  according to the Fraunhofer


  • DLC-coated glass and car parts workers

DLC-coated car windows       

The strengthening and protection with DLC from the sea water, fuel and engine oil, high humidity, improper handling, etc. metal, plastic, glass, ceramic products.


  • Processing of carbide tools, drills, cutting equipment 

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