LAET Company is based in Odessa, Ukraine and holds a leading position in the direction of development and production of various electronic components in the Ukraine, such as powerful non-inductive resistors, switch board, the heating elements. Developments are protected by patents. The company employs experienced, qualified professionals.

   We use technology, which represent a symbiosis of electronics, laser and nanotechnology. In the production of microelectronic components - resistors, heaters, chips.

   LaET’s company main technology is a technology of plasma’s deposition of diamond-like DLC-films.

   DLC is a coating, technology of which is an innovation development and know-how Laet’s company. This coating have traditional for such coatings properties similar to those of diamond, which determines their practical application as multifunctional coatings. The most significant application of DLC-films is usage in the electronics industry. Due to the physicochemical and chemical properties of the films the company produces a range of precision electronic components: resistors, chip resistors, sensors. As a result of nanostructure diamond film, it is able to pass currents of over 1 million A / cm 2 and has a wide temperature range - from the air to the 4000С 8000С in a vacuum. Laet makes heaters in different directions - from household heaters running water to local micro heater’s elements used in medicine, sensors and sensor because of these properties

   The company operates in the market for modern intelligent industrial products, laser processing equipment produces solid-state elements from the lamp and diode pumping for:

  • high-speed engraving and labeling materials;
  • metal cutting;
  • creating three-dimensional images inside the glass and other transparent and translucent materials.

   All work is done in a complex "turnkey" with a warranty and service of industrial facilities.

   The company provides a wide range of work on our laser equipment. We accept orders for laser cutting and engraving of metal, leather and glass.

   We perform laser tuning cars, causing the laser inscriptions and images on the skin, the metal parts of the exterior and interior car.

   Thus, the main areas of activity:

  • Maintenance and production of laser processing equipment "turnkey".
  • Production of high-power high-precision electronic equipment and components of electrical engineering (resistors, heaters, switch boards, chips);
  • Synthesis of doped diamond-like DLC films;
  • Application of DLC-coatings for products and components.
  • Laser engraving, including engraving on jewelry, tuning, and much more.
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